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“Oh my gosh! The pint glasses each with a different sponsor were a HIT! With all the twists and turns, thanks for making it a success!!”


CHN, Cleveland Ohio

“Ducks turned out great! Thanks so much for your help”

Magot Byrne

FCB, New York New York

“Oh wow - the computer mice look so great!!! Our teachers love them! Thanks for all your help and time!!”


Peoria Unified School District, Glendale Arizona


Executive Comments:

Alarm clocks are great gifts for employees. They're one of the most heavily used items in any household.
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Sunrise Alarm Clock with Himalayan Salt Lamp + Wireless Charger

As low as: $29.95

Twilight Digital Alarm Clock with 5W Wireless Charger

As low as: $12.55

Opus Wireless Charging Speaker w/ Clock

As low as: $47.99

Mystic Alarm Clock with Wireless Speaker & Wireless Charger

As low as: $29.95

iHome Sunrise Bedside Sleep Therapy Machine

As low as: $73.99

Imprinted Light Up Color Change LED Digital Alarm Clock - Domestic Print

As low as: $7.40

Wireless Charging Digital Clock with Adjustable Screen

As low as: $19.95

iHome Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Alarm Clock With Sound Therapy

As low as: $95.99

Blue LED Cube Alarm Clock With USB - Domestic Print

As low as: $15.82

iHome IBT235 Bluetooth Digital Alarm Clock With Dual USB Charging And Ambient Nightlight

As low as: $60.99

Light Up LED Digital Alarm Clock - BLANK

As low as: $6.17

iHome Powerclock Glow Bluetooth Color Changing Alarm Clock IBT295B

As low as: $73.99

iHome IBTW281 QI Wireless Fast Charging Color Changing Bluetooth Alarm Clock

As low as: $107.99

iHome IM30SC Color Changing FM Alarm Radio & USB Charger

As low as: $49.99

Cornell - Desk Caddy with Weather Station

As low as: $5.75

Georgetown - Desk Caddy with Weather-Station

As low as: $7.95

Blue LED Cube Alarm Clock With USB - BLANK

As low as: $13.38

The Modern Digital Desk Caddy - Black

As low as: $10.57

Alba Desk Clock & Pen Cup

As low as: $14.99

iLuvĀ® Qi Wireless Charger / LED Alarm Clock

As low as: $56.99

Voyage Series Travel Alarm Clock

As low as: $10.17

Ambi Solar Desk Alarm Clock

As low as: $5.09

Dual Position Frame

As low as: $20.04

Rectangular Desk Alarm Clock with Translucent Trim

As low as: $5.97

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